Add an arena before anything else is done (Darkfall Rise of Agon)

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Darkfall Rise of Agon is the resurrection of Darkfall Online. Darkfall online was widely acclaimed by most who actually played it as the best combat/most unique PvP experience/best game.

The PvP/AdrenalineRush was unequivocally the best part of the entire game for many. But for some strange reason the game died out.


What could have happened? If the PvP was so great, why did the game die?

There were many reasons given. Long grind, bad alignment system, full loot, hardcore, elitists.

But no. The real reason was because it was always so hard to find good, fair, and fun PvP. The only consistent way that I ever managed to enjoy PvP was dueling my friends and clanmates. Many others have had similar experiences.

If dueling is the most consistent way to enjoy PvP, why isn't it a feature built into the game? So that more people can interact with each other besides friends and clanmates? Many people are casual. In fact, most people are casual gamers. People like Darkfall for the PvP. So, to gain their attention (1 hour a day/week) give them an option.

It is a sad reality that most peoples attention spans have been destroyed by the internet and social media.

Darkfall never would have died, had Aventurine (the original creators of Darkfall) understood this concept.

Now Big Picture Games, players that loved the game so much, that went on to buy the rights to the game, and revive it from the dead.They, BPG, now have a chance to make the game playable to THOUSANDS of players.

The solution is simple. Focus on getting a playable ranked arena system in before you worry about the rest of the game. Done. More players will instantly have the time to play the game every day. This would put more money in your pocket as well to help develop other aspects of the game.