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Big Oil Attacks Internet Freedom Bans Greenpeace Photos and Video


Take action right now and tell Cairn's CEO to end their attack on our right to free speech and your right to free information on the Internet.


Dirty oil is at it again! A major Arctic ocean oil drilling company, Cairn Energy, has obtained a wide-ranging legal injunction against Greenpeace, prohibiting us from posting any photos of our protest at Cairn headquarters this week.

Cairn Energy makes its money drilling oil in one of the last untouched and pristine marine areas left in the world - the Arctic Ocean, home to beautiful whales, seals, sea lions and hundreds of other unique sea animals. An oil spill here would be devastating and destroy this beautiful ecosystem.

Greenpeace has been demanding that Cairn make public their plan for clean-up if a massive oil spill, like the one last year in the Gulf of Mexico, was to happen in the Arctic Ocean. They refuse.

Now the oil company wants to stifle our right to speak out and your right to free information on the Internet. No company should be allowed to control another organization's freedom of expression and an individual's right to have that information made available to them on the Internet.

Letter to
Cairn Energy PLC Simon Thomson, CEO
Cairn Energy PLC Sir Bill Gammell, Chairman
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Cairn Energy PLC.

I am petitioning to ask Cairn Energy PLC to stop censoring Greenpeace and lift the legal injunction prohibiting the organization from posting any photos of their protest at Cairn headquarters this week.

Greenpeace is fairly expressing their right to freedom of expression, and Cairn Energy has no right to block another organizations' basic rights.


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