CBSE should take re-exam for class 10 maths as soon as possible.

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First of all cbse should take maths exam in all india another thing is that On 27 march our maths paper was leaked after that it was shared like a hell because of that majority of student have already got the paper before the exam .So I want retest for maths exam.paper was easy but guys if there will be retest again at the same time we will also get few advantage also like we will get enormous days for preparation.If u have studyed from the starting then I think u will agree.Don't let the cheater to take advantage.And I think CBSE is not willing to take retest for maths exam and they have already said that if they will take then that will take in july that doesn't make any senseEven they can take in april also but they dont want to.Even cbse chairmen got the paper leak photos before the exam but still no action was taken.They are just destroying our future.

We want justice