Petition for Jinnie's Lamp ( BTS Jin's Own Studio)

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Petition for Jinnie's Lamp (Jin's Own Studio)

BTS Jin has great passion for music and it is has already been confirmed in Awake (which he participated in writing and producing). Jin is also credited in some BTS song like Outro: Proposal, Boyz With Fun, etc.

During fansign LY: Tear comeback, he expressed his wish for a workroom. He want to have a workroom and named it as Jinnie's Lamp

Nothing has been confirmed so far about Jinnie's Lamp, and us, as fans, really hope his wish will come true. 

In the last press conference, Jin stated that he made an original melody for Epiphany. 

Jin about Epiphany: "The original melody I made is a more gloomy melody but the lyric is hopeful. It had a bright and relaxed melody with lyrics saying 'I love you'. But after we compared with Bang PD's melody, his was more fitting to the lyrics and vibe of the song so we chose it. Working on my solo song 'Epiphany,' I've written a lot of melodies. Up until 3 days before recording the song, it was confirmed my melody was going to be used, but then Bang PD wrote me a really good melody so it changed to his. I think I put in lot of things I wanted to do."  (Source )

We ask Big Hit to give Jin a workroom to support his passion and focus on music.