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Get greater access to Big Fun for disabled and vulnerable adults

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Big Fun Hull have recently put a stop to disabled and vulnerable adults visiting their play centre. To anyone who cares for a disabled adult with disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome and Autism, they will know how vital this sort of play centre is to there care and development. Big Fun is a place were these people can have some down time and socialise with friends as it is an ideal location to meet up outside of college classes and development groups.

For these people, routine is pivotal in their lives and disruption to this can cause major stress and anxiety. This change will totally disrupt their weekly plans as many of them spend up to 3 hours in Big Fun sometimes two or three times a week. This has been in their routines for YEARS.

In order to justify this change, Big Fun have allocated an adult disability session for 1 hour on a Tuesday morning - not only is this difficult to work around but these individuals will not have ANY access to the play centre out of school term times. Aside from this, disabled adults are allowed into Wednesday night student sessions which would put them in an even more vulnerable situation as many young adults simply do not understand or sadly, tolerate disabled people. Many vulnerable adults may feel anxious around a lot of adult students as they can find them unpredictable and often find children easier to cope around as they are less intimidated due to their learning disability.
Many argue that it is a children’s play centre and adults should not be allowed but many of these adults have the mental ages of very very young children.

We believe instead of segregating these vulnerable people, Big Fun should be helping educate the wider population; by allowing disabled adults to visit the centre at least 3 times a week DURING school hours (9am-3pm) and create signage to express that these days and times are disability friendly and parents and children may enter at their own caution.

This is totally discriminatory and should NOT be tolerated in anyway.
Please sign this petition, even if this doesn’t effect you - show your belief in EQUAL RIGHTS

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