Big Cat Rescue Freeze Dried Domestic Rabbit Treats for Cats

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Apparently, disrespecting, torturing and killing domesticated rabbits is not enough to satisfy Big Cat Rescue. It turns out, they have associated their brand with a company that makes cat treats made from domestic rabbits, leading to even more unethical breeding and slaughtering for profit.

"H3 Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Treats" are packed with essential nutrients and made with only fresh, whole single sourced USDA Rabbit meat….Ingredients: Rabbit‚ rabbit liver‚ rabbit kidney‚ and rabbit heart.  
Every bag of H3 essentials cat treats purchased helps feed the amazing animals at the big cat Rescue.

Amazon -  Big Cat Rescue Freeze Dried Rabbit Treats for Cats
Walmart - Big Cat Rescue Freeze Dried Rabbit Treats for Cats
I Heart Cats - Big Cat Rescue Freeze Dried Rabbit Treats for Cats 

A USDA inspected facility does not mean domestic rabbits are treated humanely up to the point of being slaughtered.

Huffington Post,  Pel-Freez Foods, a (USDA inspected) rabbit processor, workers can be seen attempting to stun the rabbits unconscious prior to slaughter by striking the animals’ faces with the back of a knife. The method does not appear successful for many of the rabbits, which continue to struggle, scream and squirm as workers snap their back legs - breaking their bones in order to more easily hang the rabbits upside down while alive, then slice open their throats. 

Animal control officers confiscated 375 rabbits from the home of Rick Cartheuser, Vice President of the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association in 2013. Back yard rabbit breeders are regularly arrested for animal cruelty. Tame gentle rabbits live in squalor suffering, they are killed inhumanely because there are no laws to protect them while being classified the same as chickens.

According to Big Cat Rescue they have approximately 67 total cats:
29 Big Cats, 22 Bobcats, 16 Other.
"We offer whole prey and bones one night per week to the big cats".

Permanent Resident Bobcats are also seen eating whole rabbits, 22 Bobcats eating a whole rabbit weekly equals 1144 rabbits yearly. 

Totals alleged = approximately 2,652 rabbits unnecessarily killed for Big Cat Rescue yearly does not include the following:
- Domestic rabbits being fed during Paid Tours for the "enjoyment" of the staff and public.
- Live Helpless Domestic Rabbits being tortured and killed in the Unethical Bobcat Rehab Program.  A program that keeps bobcats in captivity twice the amount of time as other rehabs.
- Dead domestic rabbits being used as decoys, body parts or bodies to lure big cats.
- Domestic rabbits or body parts fed to smaller (other cats).
- Dead or alive tame domestic rats being fed or tortured and killed at Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue Tampa, a roadside zoo masquerading as a "Sanctuary" in FL, continues to practice both Live Feeding and Treat Feeding of domestic rabbits and rats, both unnecessary practices with alternatives. 

The self proclaimed "Experts" are responsible for the suffering and death of thousands of helpless domesticated rabbits and other animals and their outdated unethical rehabilitation program strangely lacks any scientific data that documents the success rate of their program by tracking the whereabouts of the bobcats once released into the wild. There are, however real experts that state live feeding is not necessary.

Despite offers from Rabbit Advocates to take up donations and pay for Big Cat Rescue to learn updated and ethical alternatives to live feeding, Big Cat Rescue continues to Proudly torture and kill live domestic rabbits posting photos, videos and live web cams of their unethical practices.

Domesticated Rabbits (and rats) lack the basic survival instincts wild rabbits have and therefore cannot adequately substitute for a wild rabbit or rat. The barbaric practice of live feeding is not only devoid of any sound logic, it’s cruel and extremely inhumane due to the animals having no way of escaping from their hunters. It’s also detrimental to the bobcat being rehabbed as far as survival goes because they won't find a friendly sitting target in the wild. Ethical wildlife rehabilitators do not live feed, instead they educate and practice ethical alternatives.

How can a bobcat possibly learn to be avoid humans at Big Cat Rescue when they have pre-killed rabbits and rats tossed to them or tame non wild domestic rabbits and rats put in nonescapable enclosures.  These practices are detrimental to the bobcat giving them little chance of survival in the wild. 

Tame domesticated rabbits or rats are not part of any natural big cat diet and there are no diet requirements that call for the feeding of domesticated rabbits to any big cat, bobcat or house cat. 

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