Injustice Against Dr Rajith Kumar

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Dr Rajith kumar is Suffering a lot from degradation in the big boss show . In a task he did something that is normal in a show like big boss(he rub chilly in Reshma's 'victim' eye which is natural and will recover within some time frame). Also it is not sure weather it is scripted or not. He had an explanation for his actions and every one understood but reshma and host lal is not willing to get him back to show after all the insult also he suffer 5 days in big boss's prisson . we have also seen many injustice torching phisical and verbal abuse against Rajith kumar. On that occasion Big boss or mohan lal didn't take any action.. So please sue bigboss and that show . From a Drk Army ( Renjith Renjuzzz insta:renjithrenjuzzz