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I went into Big 5 to buy tennis shoes. I saw all these guns—rifles and hand guns—displayed on the wall in their Solana Beach, CA store, and I decided a gun store is not a place to buy shoes. They sell children's shoes too, as well as toys. We have too many guns in our society and limiting them in places where children can see them is necessary to turn our violent society into a more peaceful place, so that more children don't get murdered in their schools. Big 5 should stop selling all guns. Here is the Corporate Relations phone number: John Mills Integrated Corporate Relations (310) 954-1105, and email:

Letter to
John Mills Integrated Corporate Relations (310) 954-1105 Big 5 sporting goods stores
Stop selling all guns and bullets. Your investor relations department needs to know that we, the undersigned, do not support the selling of guns at all, but especially we do not support the display and selling of guns where children shop. Get guns out of Big 5!

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