Stop the injustice and racism against Haitian immigrants in Texas

Stop the injustice and racism against Haitian immigrants in Texas

September 21, 2021
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Started by Michele Rigaud

Over 10,000 Haitian migrants -- including families, pregnant women and babies -- are waiting to be processed by US immigration authorities in Del Rio Texas. Many Haitians camping under the bridge are believed to have been traveling from South America since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in their native country. The  economic toll of the pandemic on the region  and in their country further fueled migration to the US southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security and authorities in Texas have used unacceptable methods of apprehending groups of Haitian migrants and forcing their expulsion from the Texas border by "loading" them into a plane and deporting them back to a place in Haiti. 

The expulsions were made possible by a pandemic-related authority adopted by Donald Trump in March 2020 that allows for migrants to be removed without opportunity to seek asylum. Joe Biden exempted unaccompanied children from the order but let the rest stand.

"Haitian migrants have experienced decades of racist and xenophobic migration policies based in the right to exclude that includes a series of illegal and discriminatory policies designed to keep Haitian and other Black migrants out of the United States. More recently, a series of draconian policies (Metering, Migrant Protection Protocol, and Title 4273) have resulted in a failure of protection, prolonged family separation, and myriad human rights violations of migrants.
Together, these policies, as intended, have prevented most migrants from seeking asylum and resulted in their immediate deportation, in direct violation of non-refoulement principles"*

"U.S. racist and xenophobic policies towards Haitians and other Black migrants have endorsed a conception of State sovereignty that rejects the human rights of Black migrants in search of protection, and promotes a politics of xenophobia and illegal State exercise of the ‘right to exclude.’ The DDPA mandates that States’ use of the right to exclude does not negate its duties to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers under international law nor does it negate the human rights of migrant peoples searching for refuge."*

We demand the Biden / Harris administration to rule against this injustice and stop the deportation of Haitian immigrants without cause other than racism. We asked that this White House administration take adequate measures to end anti-Black bias and discrimination in the immigration system. 

* Source: Haitian Bridge Alliance 08/2021

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Signatures: 33,497Next Goal: 35,000
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