Stop the Late Night Data Plans, Let Our Children Sleep Healthy

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Bhutan Telecom Limited and TashiCell have been outrightly selling the anti-GNH (Gross National Happiness) unlimited late night data plans even after concerned citizens expressed repeatedly that it is an irresponsible act and completely anti-GNH business approach from the telcos.

The late night data plans which starts at 1 AM and goes until 7 AM is directly targeted to our children and youth. The sole intention is to keep our young population up late and make them unproductive in every sense! Check your Facebook or Instagram account after 1AM and you will see the sheer number of online presence of our children. In a time where the nation is paving its way towards a digital society mindfully, the late night data plans are complete negligence and  unhealthy act by the telcos. Our children need enough sleep and the cheap business model (in meaning of both cost and approach of the scheme) of BMobile and TashiCell aren’t letting our children sleep and be healthy learning citizens. Enough sleep is related to proper growth and learning abilities too. Schools don’t wish children with dreamy heads and walking zombies. 

We plead Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell to stop your late night data plans which is doing more harm than good. Please come forward with better, more helpful  and healthier business innovation. 

Sign this petition to ask Bhutan Telecom Limited and TashiCell to stop the late night anti-GNH data plans and let our children sleep healthy. This unhealthy business model must stop so that our children sleep early, rise healthy and learn actively.

Let us practice GNH in practicality too!