Parents Demand School Fee Regulation or NO Votes in 2019

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School Fee Protest. Sign the petition

Lets all of us Gujarat parents blow a bugle against the politicians as they have played politics over the fee regulation act. It seems that they have surrendered to the high and mighty school management people. If the politicians are dependent on the money power of these RICH school management people then let us also show our unity in LARGE and send an open threat to the politicians that our votes are more relevant if they intend to retain power in 2019.

Only few active parents are protesting the schools, who still are not ready to transparently go through the FRC. They are possibly cooking up something and indulge in delay tactics. School management have no intentions to create a transparent accounting system as it’s a money minting business. They are aware that our kids are weakest link for us and hence they will not surrender so easily. No parents would like their kid to be embarrassed in school and may be that is the reason, not many parents come out in open and protest the school management.

The right thinking parents don’t expect that all school fees to be 15k, 25k BUT, we want the fees that is correct and eligible as per the infrastructure and other facilities. There is no transparency and no honest third party audit and add to that there are not enough schools for parents to chose from. This results into dadagiri from school management. They say …if you cant afford then take your child to another school.

We want government to take control and push all schools to get their fees validated from FRC ASAP. Government should ensure that FRC does it job honestly and transparently.  Any ill doings found in FRC process should have a severe legal punishment (both to FRC and school management).

I urge all the parents to sign this petition and share it to maximum. Lets send a strong message to the government in massive numbers. They only understand the language of vote banks. Lets show them that we PARENTS are the biggest vote bank (no caste, no religion, no region).