Reduce notice period across companies in India to 15 days

Reduce notice period across companies in India to 15 days

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Started by Deepak Singh

Currently, the notice period of 3 months (sometimes a bit more or less) across all private sectors and corporate world is prevalent and is an extremely demotivating practice that holds deserving candidates from getting a better job/prospects, financial or otherwise.

This practice is killing millions of dreams and aspirations evry year due to the above mentioned unrealistic demand by employers. The hypocrisy of companies is such that they demand candidates to join immediately ignoring the fact that their organisation has a 3 month notice period policy.

India, currently wooing the world to invest in various fields citing the capable workforce, needs to immediately acquire and implement some practices followed by developed countries i.e. implementing a 15 day notice period policy.

This 15 day policy will allow experienced workforce to find a job that suits then better without having to go through the tyranny of 3 or 2 months notice period. Such long period of serving notice is impractical in today's fast paced world, especially the IT, ITIS, BPS and other related fields. It is the need of the hour

I hope my words will find support in getting the much needed policy for young India and beyond

25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!