Keep Up To COP 26 Targets!

Keep Up To COP 26 Targets!

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Fridays For Future Naihati started this petition to Bhupender Yadav and

This is to ask for complete accomplishment of the goals/targets promised by our honorable prime minister in the COP 26.

We all know the present situation of the planet and how fast we need to act to stop our destruction and save our HOME �. We have to cut down on emissions, phase out the fossil fuel industry, totally ban deforestation and replace these with increased afforestation and reforestation, renewable sector meeting all the energy requirements and other scientific innovative methods to save our planet from the verge of the ever-increasing climate change right now and to totally bring a halt to the ongoing sixth mass extinction.

However, at the COP 26, a place where all the world leaders met to discuss strategies and ideas to act in this regard, we saw very little hope to save our future. It's true that every leader proposed their own strategies and ideas, but these are very backdated and not all sufficient to meet the present crisis. The targets set by them are literally vague and especially the time limits within which they proposed to reach their target. India stands no exception in this and majority of the Indian environmental problems such as deforestation have been overlooked.

Despite this, we are at such a point of time that we can't just while away time criticizing the false hopes given by our world leaders.
Therefore, we ask for fulfilling and accomplishing all the targets that have been set by our Prime minister and we want to see real action in this regard, in terms of building infrastructure, divesting economies and finding out ways to work right from the grassroots level, starting from the upcoming financial year in 2022.

For reference, here are the commitments made by PM Narendra Modi at COP 26:

  1. India to produce renewable (non-fossil) energy of 500 GW by 2030.
  2. India to harness 50% of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2030.
  3. India will reduce its carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes from now to 2030.
  4. India will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy to less than 45% by 2030.
  5. India will reach "Net-Zero" Carbon emissions by 2070.

So we want to see real action been taken to fulfill these targets by developing infrastructure from now on.

Apart from these, some other very important demands in terms of present Environmental crisis in our country , should also be met such as :

  1. Stopping of deforestation and conversion of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries & eco-sensitive areas to coal hubs, or industrial sites and increasing urbanisation.
  2. Scrape the EIA draft 2020 & make changes so as to not allow destruction of Environment by industrialisation.
  3. Keep up to the Paris Agreement.

We want strict action to be taken to fulfill all the above-said demands.

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