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Save Hamirsar Lake

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                                 Save our Heritage - “Hamirsar Lake”

“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India, to protect and improve the natural environment, including forests, lakes, rivers, and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures” (Article 51A-Constitution of India)

Bhuj, a capital town of the district of Kutch, Gujarat known for it’s diverse culture, traditions, art, architecture, bio-diversity & communities. The town is settled around Hamirsar Lake, beauty of which cannot be put in words. No one can imagine the city of Bhuj without the Hamirsar Lake.
Hamirsar lake is home to many migratory birds and has a rich biodiversity, on the road surrounding the lake annual carnival of Rann Utsav is being held & on a routine basis it is used as an informal public space where the local spend their evenings sharing ideas & life experiences. The lake is being surrounded by 450 years old ancient parapet stone wall which was built by H.H. Rao Khengarji I. The lake and all the elements related to it is the heritage of the city and give an identity to the town.
Unfortunately in the name of Lake development fund, this valuable heritage is being damaged and it will become impossible to recur the loss if action is not be taken with immediate affects, as the local authority is taking steps without considering the consequences of it.

Major Concerns:
1. Expanding the land mass inside the lake for constructing View Point:
According to the lake development plan the view point will be constructed inside the
lake and land mass will be expanded in the lake by redefining the boundary which will result in decreasing the area of the lake and there will be an impact on the biodiversity of our Hamirsar Lake.
2. Replacing the old stone parapet wall of the lake with a new one :
“Hamirsar ni pari” is an identity for the lake & the stones is an exceptional work of
architecture which is being replaced by modern material which won’t last long as the
exiting parapet wall. 

Questions :

  • Is affecting the existing context the only way for development & beautification ?
  • Do Hamirsar really need a single dominating View Point, when it can be viewed from all the directions with same appreciation of its beauty?
  • Expanding inside the lake boundary the only solution for the view point.
  • Will the new material of the Hamirsar boundary wall will be as beautiful and as sustainable like it is today?

Let’s act wisely before it’s too late!
Shriraj Rajesh Gohil
(Resident of Bhuj)

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