WE WON'T DUMP CRUMP - Send a message to Tempe School Union - we support Coach Gino Crump!!


WE WON'T DUMP CRUMP - Send a message to Tempe School Union - we support Coach Gino Crump!!

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Carolynn White started this petition to President - Tempe Union School Governing Board Berdetta Hodge and

My name is Carolynn White.  A lot of you know me as the mother of Chase White (Class of 2019), the Desert Vista Freshman Football player that passed away in 2016.  Many of you have supported me in my endeavors to keep Chase’s love of “giving back,” alive through various activities.  I am writing now to again ask for your support.  I need your help in saving the job of our varsity basketball coach.  I am going to ask that if you do not know Coach Crump personally that you rely on what you know about my husband and I and the values we instilled in our son, Chase (and Carson) and the impact Chase has had on our community as a mere 14 year old.  If you trust my word and my judgement, no only am going to ask that you trust that the gentleman I am asking for your support for, Coach Gino Crump shares the same values and therefore has the full support of my husband, Antone and I, I am also going to ask that you spread the word to others and help me with this campaign to support Coach Crump.


My youngest son, Carson is currently a Freshman at DV (Class of 2023).  Since my son’s passing, I have stayed very involved in the football boosters’ program.  I participated again this year with my youngest being allowed to wear his brother’s #60.  I will say that this school, this community and this district is comparable to none.  The worse loss one can have is that of a child, but I feel blessed that it happened here in Ahwatukee.  My love (and Chase’s love) for Desert Vista compels me stand up for what I feel is unjust treatment of Coach Crump.


My family’s feelings for the school, the district and the administrators will always remain that of sincere gratitude.  Having said that; I feel that Coach Crump has been unfairly recommended for termination due to a lack of support from those empowered to make such decisions.  It is my opinion that certain individuals have used threats of legal action to force the hands and sway what most without a personal agenda would feel was a punitive punishment for a coach acting in the best interest of his team.


On Friday, December 13 our Freshman, JV and Varsity basketball teams played an away game against St. Mary’s High School.  After our successful win, the game ended with both teams coming off the bench with what can best be described teen-age boys behaving badly.  As the situation starts to get out of control the athletic director for St. Mary’s can be seen on video grabbing one of his players in a choke hold.  To keep the player’s apart, Coach Gino is seen grabbing and pushing one of his students toward the locker room and out of the melee.  Coach Gino reportedly apologized immediately for grabbing the student.  It is for this action that Coach Gino was recommended for termination by school administrators. 


My youngest son, Carson is a multi-sport athlete, so this is my first year participating in the DV Basketball program.  During Carson’s 8th grade year I made a point to go and meet Coach Crump and introduce Carson.  I told him of our loss, and we talked in depth about what my concerns were.  Coach Crump also came out to meet Carson a few times and really get to know him.  I appreciated that more than I can express.  Am I surprised?  No, not necessarily because it was indicative of the treatment, I have been receiving from my Desert Vista family for the past three and half years. 


When I heard about what happened at the St. Mary’s game and saw the video, I knew something was wrong with the narrative that was being put out about Coach Crump.  Since I wasn’t there, I had to rely on what other’s had seen first-hand.  It wasn’t until I saw the Tweet from sports agent, Gregg Rosenberg that everything fell into place and made sense.  Gregg writes:


“This report is crazy – we all know if u were there – Coach Crump was pushing his own kids into the locker room – not harming the other team or even his own - -to protect his kids so that it wouldn’t escalate into something else – and he gets suspended for this- WOW”


If your kid plays high school sports, we all know parents that are upset when they feel their kid isn’t getting enough playing time and they blame it on the coach – not the kid’s abilities.  What happened to Coach Gino can best be described as “the perfect storm.” This incident happens with Coach Gino, and rather than looking at his intent and whether they truly believe he meant to harm the boy or not, they are insisting on such a punitive consequence.  


The Tempe School Union Board is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, January 15 at 6:00pm to make the final decision regarding the recommendation for termination. 


500 W. Guadalupe Road

Tempe, AZ 85238


I am asking for you to sign this petition and/or take the time to send an e-mail of support to the following board members:


Berdetta Hodge – President



Brian Garcia – Vice President



Andres Barraza – Board Member



Michelle Helm – Board Member



Sandy Lowe – Board Member



In closing, I’d like to add that the Tempe School Union does not have a set protocol for coaches, teachers or administrators to follow that addresses how they are to handle stopping a physical altercation between students that could be in immediate harm.  To those that say that Coach Gino should not have pushed the young man or put his hands on him at all, I say this; sometimes you must do the wrong thing to get the right outcome.  He kept the young man out of harm’s way.  Period. 



Thank you for taking the time to read this. 





Carolynn White



This petition made change with 2,494 supporters!