Stop persecuting Bhim Mayer. Bring Bhagwan and Bhora Mayer to Justice.

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For thirty years, a brother of Mr. Welbier Singh Mayer, a prominent businessman killed on September 19, 1985 in Duncan, British Columbia, has been waiting for answers and waiting for justice.

Mr. Bhim Singh Mayer is a Canadian citizen who is being double-persecuted for the “crime” of exposing the perpetrators who conspired and probated the alleged Last Will and Testament of his brother Welbier, and for blowing the whistle on the rogue activities of a few Canadian law enforcement officers. Those rogue activities include: breach of fundamental police Force Policies and Procedures; breach of Police Services Agreements; exhibiting a prejudicial attitude; criminal negligence causing bodily harm and death; obstruction of justice, and; breach of public trust. Bhim has faced immeasurable and unprecedented mistreatment and torture while pursuing justice. Worse, death came to an extremely vulnerable victim, (Mrs.) Shanti Devi Mayer, and while nobody can bring Shanti back, we are calling for Bhim’s fundamental human rights and freedoms to be immediately restored and for the arrest of the perpetrators – Mr. Bhagwan Singh Mayer and Mr. Bhora Singh Mayer. To this day, they have evaded justice with political impunity. Also, we are calling for a public inquiry to establish responsibility, prevent impunity, and prevent any recurrence by authorities.

We believe that a just solution is the only realistic way out for this injustice. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can cause all the relevant parties to return to the framework of law and order and resolve this travesty of justice through sincere dialogue and consultation, to help pave the way for a brighter future for Canada.

We know the location of the conspiracy that planned the illegal will and the identity of the conspirators; we know that the illegal will was probated at the Victoria Courthouse on January 2, 1986; we know the details of the forgery. We do not need to re-visit these questions. They are clearly established by legal evidence. What we need to know more about is how a few rogue law enforcement officers were allowed to violate convention and procedure, thereby obstructing due process under the law and placing so many lives in harm’s way? We need to know why the Victoria Police Department refused and still are refusing to operate within the rule of law. How did Canada’s criminal justice system fail? Why are the perpetrators, who freely acknowledged carrying out crimes that are incompatible with human dignity and social thinking, being allowed to transgress the law with political impunity? These are questions worth asking. We cannot leave these issues unresolved.

“There exists, between every civilized state and its citizens, a very ancient covenant which is the basis of any civilized society. The ancient covenant still stands; and it is the very first duty of any civilized state to protect its law-abiding citizens.” Remarks of Judge Les Bewley (1917-1988).

We are asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do everything in his power to reject the advice that has led the state into default of its ancient obligation; and act without delay to restore the milieu which formerly allowed Bhim Mayer and his family to enjoy the safety and tranquility which is their right. Our government has an obligation to defend and protect Canadian citizens. It is essential that friends and supporters of democracy and human rights show their solidarity and support by speaking out whenever human dignity and the rule of law come under assault.

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