Detailed strategy on fighting GBV in South Africa

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There is no real protocol put in place by government to address the scourge of Gender Based Violence and violence against children in this country.

the government always sends words of solidarity, but no action is taken. GBV is an epidemic in the country of South Africa and the government has no real way of dealing with it. 

There needs to be reform from the top down, too many women and children are being violated by those that should be protecting them. 

something has got to give! 
we need change and we need change right now!


South Africa’s rape rate is 5 times the global average and that is only the cases that are actually reported, but even then, the repercussions do not match the heinous nature of the crimes perpetrated by men and boys.

there needs to be educational reform from the foundation phase upwards and real changes in laws and the policy across the board.

Gender Based Violence needs to be brought to an end and there must be harsher sentences for perpetrators of Gender Based Violence. 

The South African government needs to come to the party and stop using the cases that gain traction as a means to grandstand without taking real action against any and all men and boys that are perpetrators of these crimes!!