Give the services we deserve - OLA Cabs

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The start-ups has made it a trend that once they are "established", they stop delivering the customer services with which they hitch us in the first place. We, as consumers, shall have a united front and not let this happen to us.

Ola is one such start-ups whose customer support services are degrading steeply. Recently, I took an Ola ride for which the fare shown was Rs. 202/- but I was charged more than double the fare amount (Rs. 519/-) apparently because of the technical glitch in their GPS which "erroneously" shown my drop location some 28 Kms away from my real drop location. When I questioned driver about it, he was abusive; when I tried to register my protest with Ola Support, I was told to be patient and give them some time; when I tried to reach out to them via Twitter, I got another "tareek"; they completely ignored my grievance on Facebook and again on twitter.

Similar incidents have happened to me previously as well and many of my friends have been treated the same way by Ola; like we don't matter at all. This is unacceptable. Enough is enough.

Ola is able to raise the funds because we are using its services. It's time we teach them this. We deserve to be heard and treated with respect. They can't just simply take away our hard-earned money without delivering the services. 

Help me out in showing them a united front of customers so that they shall mend their ways.