Keep BGSU PD Out of Dorms

Keep BGSU PD Out of Dorms

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Madeline Dyer started this petition to BGSU/BGSU Res Life

Due to the overwhelming police presence in and around the dorms at BGSU, myself and many students feel it is necessary to change BGSU relations when it comes to campus police. We demand Res Life step up and take more responsibility for what goes on in the dorms rather than relying so heavily on BGSU PD to ensure safety that they have not ensured despite their increasing presence over the years. 
This demonstration can be seen on campuses like OSU, where police are only in the dorms when called.  This is not an impossible task. In fact, it is more odd that BGSU has campus police in dorms so much in the first place. 
-We demand BGSU acknowledge that there is an overwhelming police presence in the more affordable housing. This presence makes it clear to students that BGSU views those seeking affordable housing as the enemy. How can BGSU pride itself on being an affordable institution then turn around and criminalize those seeking affordability? Why are certain dorms labeled as “problem dorms” by BGSU’s own police department? Time and money spent harassing these students SHOULD be time spent and money spent investing in more programs on campus to ensure their success. 
-We demand BGSU to quit inviting police for wellness checks.

- We demand that BGSU fund more programs for mental health, alcohol use/abuse, etc and quit using the police as a tool to criminalize students and get them charged for minor offenses. 

- We demand BGSU to reconsider the location of the BGSU PD and eventually move it away from accessibility and counseling services and acknowledge that having a police department right next to where some students are seeking help is unsettling for many.

- We demand BGSU increase relations with and use local services like Unison who sends counselors to dorms as a first line for wellness checks rather than police. Students should not have ASK for a trained professional at a vulnerable time.

-We demand BGSU keep campus police out of dorms when it is clear their only achievements have been the invasion of privacy and more charges for minor offenses, costing students hundreds of dollars and some to even drop out of school.

-We demand BGSU provide more resources for mental health awareness and education on sexual assault and quit relying on BGSU PD to take action when they clearly have not done so in many cases.

-We demand BGSU Residence Life step up for what goes on in their dorms and remove parts of their training that tell RAs “when in doubt, call the police.” We pay BGSU to ensure our safety. We pay residence life to ensure our safety. We do not knowingly pay ANYONE to have a police presence down our necks and have that threat being held over us.

- We demand BGSU educate themselves on why a police presence on campus and in dorms does not help and we demand BGSU listen to the thousands of students who reside in dorms each year.

- We demand BGSU at the LEAST read the room and realize that a police presence on campus for their black and POC students is unsafe and unsettling to put it lightly. Campus police are a direct threat to black and POC students at BGSU and at any institution. BGSU can not and will never be a diverse and safe campus with a police presence in any form. These students safety MATTERS and it’s time BGSU shows they value these students beyond their tuition money. 

- We demand BGSU make it public record to all and posted on all media platforms where funding for the campus police comes from and why their presence has been amplified over the years with no consent and no chance to acknowledge this by their students.

- We demand background checks and complaint files of all BGSU PD be made public record on all media platforms.

- We demand change and a safer campus and the overwhelming police presence BGSU has invited is not instilling change or safety. It is instilling fear and the targeting of students, ESPECIALLY black and POC students. 

- We demand BGSU faculty put their agenda aside and listen to the 6,000+ students a year this impacts and the students who are PAYING to go to school here. 

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