BGRF - safeguard the lives of racing greyhounds during the COVID - 19 suspension

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Greyhound racing was suspended on Monday March 23rd due to the industry's inability to comply with social distancing when attempting to control six loose dogs at the end of a race.

Although trainers have already been awarded a contribution by the GBGB and some track promoters – the average of £8.50 per dog per week does not cover all registered greyhounds - i.e. puppy - sapling - breeding and retired dogs in trainer's kennels - nor does it cover the trainers' overheads.

The British Greyhound Racing Fund is the organisation responsible for distributing the bookmaker's levy to various sectors of the industry. The BGRF estimate the levy would generate £8.5m in 2020. As racing is now suspended - there is no need for the BGRF to award some of the usual grants i.e. prize money - testing for drugs or grants to tracks for improvements - breeder's prizes and marketing. There is the potential for the BGRF to free up approximately £4m in grants amounting to £333,000 per month.

It is imperative the BGRF redistribute these grants to trainers to ensure the welfare of all greyhounds in trainers' kennels. Under the GBGB's Rules of Racing a greyhound can be put to death due to

· ‘no retirement home could be found’

· ‘Unsuitable as a pet’

· ‘Injury not treated on economic grounds’

· ‘Untreatable injury or to cease suffering’

It also vitally important the annual Greyhound Trust grant of £1.4m is maintained to ensure the industry's homing scheme can continue to find safe foster and permanent homes for redundant dogs at a time when social distancing is hampering the charity's fundraising efforts.

Please sign the petition calling for realistic grants to be awarded to all trainers so that no greyhound is put to death for economic reasons.