Ask Beyond Meat to reduce plastic packaging!

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The company behind the "Beyond Meat" products claims it's mission is to help address some of the threats to our ecosystem including climate change and constraints on natural resources.  However, the excessive plastic packaging used in their products is antithetical to the movement to reduce plastic waste and in fact may have the potential to offset any of the benefits derived from switching to a plant based alternative to meat.  While we support and applaud their efforts to promote a healthier planet, the packaging for Beyond Meat products requires a complete overhaul immediately.  With all the other choices for packaging e.g. compressed cardboard, there is no reason that a large plastic container is required to hold 2 burgers.  Although the plastic is considered "recyclable", the vast majority of Americans either do not have access to a recycling center or simply choose not to recycle.

Tell Beyond Meat we will support their products only if they discontinue plastic packaging!