How content marketing helps startups scale

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Beyond long copy and great visuals, scaling your startup requires you to strategically plan, put out and analyze content to achieve certain business goals using a smaller budget. In other words, you’re not investing less, you are stretching your investments further.

Here, we explore the ways that startups have used content marketing to scale their businesses.

Write in-depth articles to educate your users

Previously, companies used blogging to let people know of their presence or product. Content marketing is a strategic form of marketing that delves deeper into the consumer journey, from buyer awareness to developing loyalty. Startups can now make use of SEO tools to overcome the limitations of physical size.

Regularly producing relevant and compelling articles can help your brand connect with readers on a personal level. You do not necessarily have to sell a product, instead focus on topics that the audience want to know about and conveniently supports your brand.

Leverage user-generated content
User-generated content (UGC) could pave your way to viral marketing – with very little cost. This refers to any sort of content that is put out by unpaid creators.

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The beauty of UCG is obvious: less revenue is pumped into creating exposure and credibility for your brand.

The caveat, however, is that modern consumers regulate their personal platforms and do not just post about anything. The challenge here is how you get things to catch on.

Integrate influencer marketing with content marketing
Influencer marketing has been around since, well, influencers. And it is definitely not cheap. Brands willingly splurge on well-known personalities to promote their product/services to somewhat of a cult following. The loyalty that fans hold for the influencers is easily converted to revenue.

Over the years, influencer marketing has developed a stigma of being unauthentic. This poses the issue of ads being difficult to trust and being just another paid promotion.

Content marketing, on the other hand, focuses on cost-effectiveness. These two methods hand-in – hand could make your marketing strategy more valuable for consumers above simply boosting awareness.