Dear Beyonce, Myanmar Needs your Voice!

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Dear Beyonce,

We write to you on behalf of our sisters and brothers in Myanmar’s garment industry. We write on behalf of Myanmar.

In February 2021, the Myanmar military staged a coup d'etat, illegally and violently overthrowing of the elected government, and shattering the dreams of many across the country.

The Myanmar military junta is deeply misogynist. Within a short time of the military takeover, women from Myanmar’s garment industry responded by leading strikes and protests, boldly decrying this theft of their freedom, their future.

Major brands sourcing garments from Myanmar factories have been largely silent about the plight of their workers. Some workers have been fired for protesting the military junta and its violence. Others were even locked inside a factory as punishment for protesting. Some were shot at and killed when they came to collect their salaries from factory managers.

Adidas sources garments from several factories in Myanmar. Garment workers are some of Myanmar’s most marginalized people yet they are courageously standing up against tyranny. As one woman put it, “This might end with my blood being spilled, but I won’t stop now.”

Adidas and Myanmar could have a bright future together, but the garment factory workers of Myanmar need help to fight for that future. They need the international community to support them. It would mean so much if the people of Myanmar could hear your voice right now.

Here are our two requests:

  1. Would you make a social media post or public comment in solidarity with the people of Myanmar? Myanmar needs all manner of external support to survive this dark night and reach their promised land. You have a powerful voice to support them.
  2. Would you ask Adidas to work with the factory owners to publicly guarantee Myanmar garment workers that they will not lose their jobs or wages because they wish to protest this violent dictatorship? If they do this, perhaps other brands would follow their lead.

Would you take this pivotal moment in history to speak up for us and our beloved Myanmar? Will you help to tip the scales in our favor?

We know you’ve been to Myanmar, so you’ve experienced her hospitality firsthand; we don’t need to tell you that Myanmar is an amazing place--you already know this. It would be such an incredible gift to Myanmar and her people if you could offer an encouraging message during this scary time.

Today, Myanmar’s peoples echo the song of the oppressed throughout history. They call out with one voice, “We must resist! We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Will you join us in speaking up for the freedom of Myanmar?

Thank you for reading our letter!

We’re standing with you for freedom,

The people of Myanmar and their allies

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