Give residents free parking spaces

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Everyday residents like myself struggle to find an allocated free parking space, this is because of the people who are not local and commuting via train, they drive theirs cars and park in our free spaces all day! Myself and all the local residents have been struggling for years to find somewhere to park when we should be allowed to park outside our house without getting parking fines because the commuters are taking all our free spaces, this needs to change the rightful people should be able to use free spaces and not someone from out our area, some days I choose not to go out especially during half terms or I risk a parking fine! I work hard pay my bills and I can not afford a residents permit and why should I have to pay to park outside my own house anyway? When commuters get them for free this isn’t right and isn’t fair, all residents should be given a permit or an allocated free space to park their car, I have had so many parking fines just from parking outside my house it’s ridiculous and needs to stop! Why are we punishing the people who rightfully should be allowed to park on their street????so please help me to make a change and give residents the right to a parking space and sign my petition please, summer holidays are coming up I’m dreading it!!!