Hall Place Stop Discouraging Wildlife To Your Gardens!

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Bexley Council & Hall Place Gardens stop discouraging wildlife to your Gardens!

Geese have always been part of the Hall Place experience and we are horrified to hear that you have been discouraging them from your gardens due to a few complaints about Goose poo. Countless visitors have enjoyed observing and photographing the geese with their goslings over the years.

Loss of habitat poses the greatest threat to species, our wildlife is having a really bad time and what chance does any of it have if our gardens once a haven for these birds are now knowingly discouraging them from staying and breeding?

Hall Place stop discouraging the geese from staying and breeding at your gardens with immediate effect and allow them to return and breed as they have always done year after year. Use this opportunity to educate visitors that may complain on the many benefits of wildlife or simply clear the mess up!