Petition Closed

The Friendly Spot is a peaceful, fun-loving, and welcoming environment. The King William neighborhood values this local business and the positive impact it has on the community, both economically and socially. We can't let a small group of detractors continue their smear campaign to take down this fantastic local establishment.

Letter to
Bexar County Justice of the Peace Judge William Donovan
I just signed the following petition addressed to: JOP Court.

To Whom It May Concern;
For quite some time, the Friendly Spot has been under fire for alleged noise violations. This movement is spearheaded by a small group of neighbors that have done everything imaginable to attempt to discredit Steve and Jody Newman, owners of the Friendly Spot and to paint a negative picture of the establishment.
I am signing to give my support to the Friendly Spot. I value this local business and the positive impact it has on our community.
I have either brought my own children to the Friendly Spot or find it to be a welcoming and safe environment for children and families.
I have witnessed patron behavior at the Friendly Spot to be peaceful, fun-loving, and welcoming. I have never seen anything that would classify as unseemly or disruptive.
I support the TABC licensing renewal of the Friendly Spot and will continue to support this business. I truly hope that the court will end this ridiculous persecution of such a gift to our town.