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Exonerate The San Antonio 4

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In July of 1994, at the height of the "Satanic Panic" craze, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh, Anna Vasquez and Cassandra Rivera, ages 20, 22, 19 and 20, respectively, were accused of sexually assaulting 2 children related to Ramirez. The allegations varied through out the case with discrepancies in timing, weapons used, and perpetrators. Despite the shoddy evidence and changing testimonies, the 4 women were sentenced to prison. Ramirez entered a 37 1/2 year sentence in 1997, and the remaining women were sentenced to 15 years in 2000. The San Antonio 4 (SA 4) maintained their innocence. 

More than 20 years later, many, including the SA 4, connect their convictions to the  pervasive homophobic culture of San Antonio and the times. Anna Vasquez told The Guardian“When we were being questioned by police, they made a point to put it out in there – that we were gay." 

Years later, one of the alleged victims recanted her testimony and revealed why she lied. The "evidence" used to convict the women was later debunked as well. Vasquez was released on early parole while Ramirez, Mayhugh, and Rivera were released on bond, but would later have to return to court for exoneration trials. In February 2016 the judge ruled the women would receive new trials but not be exonerated. If not exonerated, the 4 will remain registered sex offenders and Ramirez could face the remaining 20 years of her sentence.

The SA 4 have faced extreme injustice due to hysteria, homophobia, and a deeply flawed justice system. Please sign this petition to demand Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh, Anna Vasquez and Cassandra Rivera receive FULL EXONERATION. 

In addition to signing the petition, call 1-210-335-2311 and ask for District Attorney Nico LaHood's office. Here's what to say: "I am angered by Judge Pat Priest's ruling to not recommend exoneration for Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Anna Vasquez, and Kristie Mayhugh. I want Nico LaHood and the District Attorney's office of Bexar County to take a stand on the San Antonio Four case to declare actual innocence and have the women exonerated for their wrongful convictions."

To learn more about the SA 4, please see the documentary of events by filmmaker Deborah Esquenazi: "Southwest of Salem: The San Antonio Four.


Please donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/anna-liz-cassie-kristie-669877

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