I will support a reasonable and fair Massage Therapy ordinance in Cedar Rapids

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As a small business owner, concerned local citizen and a 20 year practicing massage therapist, I would like to offer a simple solution to the current discussions regarding a city massage ordinance. It's a solution that will make law enforcement and massage therapists equally satisfied.

John Konior, Director of Risk Management and Support Services, is the author of the successful massage ordinance for City of Urbandale. He was kind enough to send it to me and explained that they decided to not make burdensome law for massage therapists while still giving jurisdiction rights to the police. As a city, they felt it was important to not create another layer of bureaucracy.

Because of the Urbandale Massage Ordinance, the city passed the bill in the first session, shut down two parlors(one known for sex trafficking) within the first three months, and left hard-working, law-abiding massage therapists alone.

It simply uses state licensing as the marker to determine if a business can stay open. If you(and every practitioner in your business) have their state license current, that's all you need. If not, police are allowed to placard a business.

This means that there are no additional fees, testing, inspections or other hoops to jump through. 

Please join me and other massage therapists in the fight for both ending sex trafficking and providing fair legislation to massage therapists by signing your name to this petition. Thank you. 


Urbandale Massage Ordinance: 



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7/16  8:45pm:

In speaking with Sergeant Jerry Whitson of Marion Police at the suggestion of Chief Johansen, Sgt. Whitson directed me to Ordinance 13-11 passed in 2013. Similar to Urbandales ordinance, it doesn't create burdensome law for massage therapists while still being effective in closing down illegal, unlicensed parlors.
I asked Sergeant Whitson if they were able to shut down the illegal shops and he confirmed they were able too.
I asked if there was new activity or illegal parlors that have come back to Marion since it was introduced back in 2013. He stated, not to his knowledge.
I asked if he was happy with the ordinances outcome. He said as long as there are no community complaints-yes.

I've attached a link to the cities 2013 ordinance for your examination and consideration.