Oppose the cell tower going up on Wyoming Avenue

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Greetings neighbours,

For those who aren't aware there is a cell tower currently being erected on a residential property in Wyoming Avenue, Berario. This tower is adjacent to five other private holdings. Those of us who live in these properties and the general area, were surprised to find this out earlier in the week when we noticed the contractors onsite.

None of us were notified, nor given an opportunity to object.

This doesn't just affect the immediate properties, but the greater community will be subject to the negative implications of this installation.

Aside from being an eyesore, our primary concern is our exposure to the Electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation whose long-term effects are still a hotly contested issue.

It will negatively impact the surrounding property values and reduce the potential buyers’ market for our houses. (Ironically all our properties have all just been revaluated and in most cases, they have been adjusted upwards by the municipality).

In addition to this there are already numerous cell towers in our immediate vicinity, that we know of, servicing this area. We have extensive Fibre and ADSL to cater for the additional data needs of the community.

We strongly feel that this is not in our best interests and have the right to be heard.

Here is your opportunity to object, so please support us in opposing the installation of this cell tower in our 'collective back gardens'.