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Help make a change in the current Clemency Process in Ohio

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     I have been fighting for four full years and counting (2013 to present) to receive Clemency for a 32 year old Felony charge & I have been denied by the Parole Board twice & almost denied once by Governor Kasich. Waiting to be granted Clemency by the Governor or the President, can be a lengthy process.

     If the County Judges are allowed to grant Clemency, then the process would go quicker and this would allow people (Released Felons) to get a job faster or return to their job/career.

Have you, a loved one or someone you know been affected by the CLEMENCY process in Ohio? Do you agree with the current clemency process? Do YOU want a better CLEMENCY process?

Join us in signing a petition to remove the process of granting clemency out of the hands of the parole board, governor and the president, and place the decision into the hands of the county judges.

After all, the judge is the one that sentence you to do the time, shouldn’t they be the one to grant you a pardon of the crime (after your debt is paid)?

Shouldn’t you have the right to attend your clemency hearing?

Waiting to be granted Clemency affects the person, family, loved ones,  friends and it is a threat to many careers.

If you agree with me that it is time for the clemency process to change hands, then please sign the petition. I thank you in advance.



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