Mission Australia fails children by ignoring violent mothers

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Mission Australia doesn't get it.

Thanks for all the support, people. But sadly Mission Australia is not listening. 

 We had thousands signing our petition, and many wrote letters of protest to Mission Australia senior executives and board members. I was very pleased when this led to a series of meetings between Paul Toomey, CEO of the organisation and men’s group leaders, including male victims of domestic violence. After talking to Toomey I was hopeful that he’d understood how offensive their campaign was to male victims of violence. He gave me to understand he would be taking measures to rectify the situation. I offered to circulate a statement to this effect and this is what he sent through:

 “We know that all members of households can be victims of DFV, and that in complex violent situations family members can be both victims and perpetrators. As a result, DFV drives homelessness as men, women and children seek to escape violence, frequently with nowhere to go. Our appeals seek to reflect this, and continue to be informed by our experience at the front line of homelessness services.”

 What appalling weasel words. Further evidence that organisations like Mission Australia are so captured by the feminist narrative that they wilfully refuse to see the wood for the trees.

Please contact Toomey and tell him what you think of this sell-out: ToomeyJ@missionaustralia.com.au>

Bettina Arndt
2 years ago