Bettering our Health Care System

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My name is Lauren Pizzale and I am in grade 12 at Corpus Christi Secondary School. In my Social Justice class, we have been assigned a final project on a social justice issue within Canada. For my topic, I have been closely looking at what is going wrong within our health care system. With much research put in, I have found that many people have stories of how they did not receive the care in time or at all that we deserve. So below I have left some background information and would like you to sign this petition to better our health care system in Canada. Please also share your experience(s) with the health care system.

Although no citizen of Canada is denied the access to health care based on whether or not he or she can afford to pay, the quality and amount of care are not always enough. With waits in the ER seeming almost endless, lengthy waits for referrals with specialists and waits for elective surgeries being put off far longer than initially told. In 2014, statistics showed that there were only 229 physicians per 100, 000 people in Canada, although that number is slowly going up each year, it is just not enough. Unlike the number of physicians going up, the wait times have almost doubled since 1993. Unfortunately, 2 out of 10 Canadians do not receive "priority procedures" within the ridiculously long benchmarks used in the report, meaning when they quote “6 months” it goes over that, and even physicians report that patients generally wait almost three weeks longer than what they consider clinically reasonable. Another main issue Canadians face with their health care system, is the lack of knowledge and care for patients with mental health issues. In 2015, Pan-Canadian Survey did a survey on care for mental health care system. They received very poor end results including 35% of the respondents indicated having to wait more than 12 months for a diagnosis. These survey results show that the performance of diagnosis still lacks for mental health issues and is not showing improvement.

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