Vote Against Megan Barry's Light Rail Transit Plan

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Megan Barry's $9 billion transit plan is not regional, will not reduce traffic congestion, does not serve the people of Nashville or the region, and will threaten our city's roadways, economy, public transit system and more both now and for generations. 

Her plan focuses $6 billion on 31 miles of light rail & a tunnel on five (5) main roadways. The light rail system will at best, in 2035 & 2070, serve 1% of commuters, according to a study of all 14 light rail systems in the U.S. The tunnel downtown is connected to the light rail system. Light rail is an obsolete transit model based on 1800s technology. The transit plan does not include anything related to 21st century technology which is transforming how we commute, travel, live and work. 

The plan only deals with city traffic and does not deal with the primary issue of traffic flowing into & out of Davidson County from the 10 surrounding counties. We want Nashville to plan a regional mass transit plan, created by experts and leaders with no conflict of interest. 

Transit experts from around the country have all agreed that Barry's transit plan will not work in Nashville, calling it "a folly." The plan was created by Barry, a group of small town mayors from outside of Davidson Co., and by the five-person MTA bus agency. The pro-Barry Metro Council voted it through to a public referendum. The  referendum was placed on the May 1 ballot, a low turnout vote day for judges, aldermen, and committeemen, with just 7% voter turnout four years ago (2014), 92% Democrat and 8% Republican. 

The pro side's PAC will raise $2.5 million from the rich and from corporate Nashville businesses, all of whom will profit and benefit greatly from: the $9 billion build out; the ongoing $300+ million operating budgets; Metro's $2 billion annual budgets; their corporations' increase in value from a light rail system; their land value's increase near the light rail lines, an artificial increase due to government involvement; continued tax breaks and tax incentives from Metro government; and more. 

Please vote against the transit referendum April 11-26 and May 1. 

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