Better Tech For Davos Refugee Camp

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There has is a project happening at the World Economic Forum in Davos for some years now called the ,Refugee Run’, a simulation of a day in the life of a refugee…far away from Davos.

There is also a very real refugee camp close to the center of Davos. This refugee camp is not allowed to even have internet for its residents because they would ,watch porn’ (official statement).

​We call upon internet companies and startups at the World Economic Forum this year to break the controversial profile of refugee support at Davos.

The way that the organizers of the World Economic Forum at Davos are handling the topic of international refugee support is misleading. Let’s hope that this type of behavior is not used to handle other globally pressing issues such as climate change etc.

***Please sign this petition​ in support of better internet for the refugee camp at Davos********

Written on the 23rd of January 2019.​

Paula Schwarz