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Better Student Tracking

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Prevent Child Abuse by Raising Awareness and being VIGILANT.

Education Facilities need to have better tracking of student’s attendance and withdraws. Furthermore, proper records need to be kept for Home Schooling. Pediatricians also need to be more vigilant and track children's appointments better. These are simple changes that will Help Prevent Child Abuse and SAVE a Child.

SAVE a Child.

CHRISTIAN’S Law:  (consists of 2 segments)

1.       For ages 0-4yrs, pediatricians are usually the first non-family member to see children outside the home on a regular basis. These facilities need to be better organized and track patients appointments better specially from ages 0-4yrs.

Pediatrician Vigilance System

Many times the only non family contact children have other then guardians is the pediatrician. We need to use this regular contact for the protection of the child especially between ages of 0-4yrs before the child enters the school system. 

After Birth, a pediatrician will evaluate the baby and make sure that everything is well with the child. This is an opportunity to get the Pediatrician Vigilance system started.  The Pediatrician Vigilance System consist of the following:

·         Family members need to choose a pediatrician (at the birth facility) to evaluate their baby. At this point, the pediatrician will now take ownership of this baby as their patient.

·         Parents need to notify the current pediatrician if they are going to change pediatrician. Parents will need to provide their current pediatrician with the name and contact info of new pediatrician.

·         Current pediatrician will contact new pediatrician and VERIFY, coordinate transfer of charts etc.

·         Any change in pediatrician should be well documented and tracked by pediatrician’s office.

·         Pediatricians should be vigilant with patient’s appointment history. Recommended appointment schedule especially for children ages 0-4yrs. If parents are not keeping appointments and are missing the recommended shot schedule or recommended check up frequency, pediatricians office should contact the parents. In case no contact with parents is reached after several attempts to get the child in for shots or well visits, pediatricians should alert authorities of such cases as abuse could be a culprit.


2.       For ages 4-18yrs, education facilities are usually the first non-family member to see children outside the home on a regular basis. These facilities need to be better organized and track student’s attendance better.

Home Schooling System

More and more children are being “home schooled”, though it’s not a crime to home school children, it needs to be monitored properly.  Parents have the choice to home school their kids because of their believes or preferences and that should be permitted. However, close monitoring should be required by the State or education system. Proper documentation and proper paper trails should be mandatory to track the status of these “home schooled” children. 

The “Home School” Child program consists of the following.

·         Registration:  Even though the children will not attend the school system, registration should be mandated by Federal law. Family’s who are home schooling their children should register their children as a “home school” status on their appropriate school district. This should be a program that will track home school children and their progress.  If parents are pulling their children from education facilities to be home schooled, parents need to register their child as a “home school” child as stated above and then provide such documentation to the child’s current education facility for proper withdraw. Currently, some states do not require parents to notify Schools or State that they are home schooling their children.

·         Evaluations: When a child is registered as a “home school” status on their district, a maximum of every 3 month (no more than 3 months without evaluation) mandatory evaluation should be scheduled for the children.  These evaluations will provide tests for children to verify that children are being taught according to curriculum. Furthermore, during these visits, children should not only be evaluated for academic progress but also be given a child friendly evaluation that will red flag probable child abuse.

·         Changes: If any change is to be made to the “home school” status such as family moving to a different school district.

A) Changing School Districts: Parents need to notify their current school district of such move so they can coordinate the proper transfer documentation with the new school district. At which point, the new school district can take over the “home school” child.

B) Change of Address: Parents need to notify their school district if a change of address is made even if it stays within the same school district.


Track Absences System

Education facilities need to keep better track of students by keeping better documentation and proper paper trails of students leaving their education facility.

·         School Transfer: When student is transferring schools, proper documentation needs to be drawn between old school and new school to verify that the child does indeed transfer and starts school at new education facility.

·         Medical Condition Withdrawn: If child is pulled out of school for medical reasons, proper documentation needs to be drawn between doctors and education facility to verify that indeed the child is being withdrawn from  school for medical reasons.

·         Home School: In the case that parents want to pull their children out of school to be “home schooled” parents need to notify the state or school district and register the child as a “home school’ student. Once parents have this completed and the proper documentation is provided, parents need to provide such documentation to the education facility where child is currently attending to be withdrawn from school and child should be now part of the “home school” child program. (as stated above under Home Schooling)

·         Absences: Education facilities need to better track student’s attendance.

A) If child is going to be absent for more than 3 days due to family reunions, vacations, other personal reasons; parents need to notify education facilities ahead of time and proper documentation needs to be filled out with reason for absence.

 B) When children are absent without previous notification to education facility or a doctors excuse note, a written parent note should be requested by the education facility with reason of absence. NO MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES FOR CHILDREN!  Furthermore, education facilities need to keep track of these “parent excuse notes” for an appropriate number of absences before investigation by a peace officer is started. 


Who is Christian Choate?

Christian Choate died prematurely at age 13. Christian was allegedly beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave by his family. Christian endured beatings daily and was kept locked in a 3-foot-high dog cage, where he had little to eat and often soiled himself.  Christian was given paper and something to write with by his stepmother to write. His letters were found by officials. "Christian's writings detail a very sad, depressed child who often wondered when someone, anyone, was going to come check on him," the report states. "(He) wrote of why nobody liked him and how he just wanted to be liked by his family ... how isolated and sad Christian was on a daily basis."

“Christian made numerous visits to a pediatrician from 2007 to 2008. Notes on the report show his weight dropping consistently, and he told his doctor he was "hit with the door in his bedroom" two days before a February 2007 visit.”

 “School officials lost track of the boy in 2007, after Kubina informed district officials the boy would be home-schooled. DCS investigators reviewed some of Christian's "assignments" from Kubina, and it appears the boy took the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings at the time.”



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