Better Schooling for the children

Better Schooling for the children

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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan Kariuki

We are writing to  tell you that not many children in mombasa do not have the best education or do not go to school and therefore request to work with you to help the children aged 3-18 years to help us compare what public schools learn and what international schools learn like cooking and other things. We are doing this so we could understand more about what different systems learn and what other people learn in order to help us find the best way for them to learn with a fair fees.

We would like to address the issue by comparing what public schools learn and what we learn we could also let them have access to our daily live materials for schooling like calculators and geometrical sets.

If you humbly accept our request we will gladly come to help your children aged 3-18.  What we would like to do this by splitting the children into groups according to ages to help us deal with them and get to know how much they know better. For each group we plan on having a 1 hour session. Here is a time table we made for if you accept our humble request here is something we have planned


Day 1
Ice breaker
The host willget to know the children and play educationalgames with them.

Day 2
he host will be learning with the students on a school day on this day we will take notes

Day 3

Special rooms
The host will arrange to use a small room to talk with the children about the daily lives

Day 4

The last activities and donations
We will arrange activities for 3 hours to say goodbye to the children as we donate some things like clothes to the children's home.

We are doing this to raise awareness about donations so that many people can donate things they do not need for school to give them to the children. You have come to the end of our letter and we would like to thank you and humbly request for you to write back if you agree with our project to help. We think that the people have the power to donate and start petitions but mainly the government's across the globe.

46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!