Better power to Arthurs Point & Arrowtown

Better power to Arthurs Point & Arrowtown

5 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Melissa Jenner

In Arthurs Point, especially 'new Arthurs' that is on the Dalefield/Arrowtown Power grid with Aurora, we are suffering from an increasing number of lengthy power outages.  The outages are also affecting the wider Dalefield & Arrowtown residences. 

This is causing major issues to:

  • Coronet Skifield
  • Local businesses
  • People running home businesses
  • Families with young children
  • And many others. 

In the winter of 2022 to date, we have had 3 mornings of multi-hour outages that has caused a lot of distress to locals.  

As further investment happens in the region, property & commercial developments and larger houses are built, it is likely outages will continue to happen and disrupt our businesses and livelihood. 

PLUS we are paying some of the highest kw charges for power in NZ. 

It's time for CHANGE.  We need a better answer from Aurora regarding:

  • What is causing the problem (we never understand why?)
  • Why it is taking them so long each time to get the power back on (we sometimes are waiting for more than 4 hours to power to be re-installed, and often their 'estimates' are not accurate)
  • When will investment be made to fix the problem (what is the root-cause and when will they be planning to fix it?)
  • How can we get better communication regarding outages.

PLEASE sign this petition so we can lobby Aurora for greater transparency of  the problem, and an urgency to fix it. 

If no action is taken, we will be petitioning for compensation for lost business and recreational amenities to the region.

Thanks for your support.  If you'd like to discuss, please email me at


Melissa Jenner


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Signatures: 298Next goal: 500
Support now