Better Mental Health Programs and Reinforced Gun laws

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In 2017 the U.S had over 300 reported mass shootings. That does not include gun related crimes such as robbery or assault. It also does not Included other gun related incidents such as suicide or adolecent firearm injuries or deaths. Gun related crimes are consistently on the rise. We can no longer continue to deny that change must be made. We are now standing face to face with the stone cold truth and together we must work toward a solution. We need to work toward affordable and more sufficient mental health programs. Gun laws need to be revisited and updated. As well as mental health evaluations for children should be provided through our educational systems. 

Taking away the right to bear arms is not only unjust to those who follow the laws but it also does not gear toward the problem as a whole. Criminals are very resourceful and they do not adhere to the common laws of society. Therefore it would render us foolish to consider that taking away all guns would fix the issue. This action would then leave the law biding citizens unarmed and the criminals would continue on to the same path of destruction. But something must be done to prevent these weapons from getting into the wrong hands. At the very least let us not make it any easier for them to commit these actions. Up until now we have been reactive on this matter. But we need to be proactive when dealing with such heinous crimes. Our jails are overrun, our police forces are overworked and are police officers are under equipped to handle difficult situations such as these. 

We have entered a war on mental health. One that our children are forced to endure and are greatly effected by. So, the cycle continues. From school shootings, church shootings, to public shootings, and teen suicides, It is clear that we are indeed losing this war. Something has to be done. We can not continue allowing the mentally ill to slip through cracks without proper diagnosis. Unfairly they are unreceiving of the help that they desperately need and deserve. Allowing this to continue is hurting us all. We have ignored this problem for far too long. We make it too easy for these sick individuals to gain access to these weapons of destruction. Families are being ripped apart as the result. People are cowering away from their normal daily activities in order to keep out of the public eye. Parents are fearful to send their children to school. This needs to be addressed and there are certain steps we must take in order to make it happen. It is not the goal to strip Civilians from their legal rights as citizens, however, changes must be made.

First of all, each school should be required to employ a minimum amount of counselors. These counselors should then be required to meet with each student regularly. Each session should be documented and reported. If any of these children should raise a red flag then that child should be referred to an outside therapist for further evaluation. This will help identify mental illness at a young age. Allowing us to get to the core issues. 

Another necessary change that is needed is stricter Gun laws and safety policies. In order to obtain a license one should be over the age of 21 and willing to submit to a thorough and nationwide background check. A mental health evaluation should be admistered. In order to obtain intial licensing one should be required to meet with a licensed therapist and given a clean bill of mental health. Also one should be required to complete an accredited firearm safety course. The individuals will learn how to store, carry and use the firearm in a safe and secure manner. A Firearm license should expire after one year. In order to renew said license one must be required to resubmit to a yearly mental health examination as well as an one hour class on firearm safety, which can be completed online. Anyone who has commited a crime shall not be eligible to carry a firearm. Anyone who struggles with mental health should not be eligible for licensing.

 To coincide with the new and improved gun laws we will also need to provide new and improved mental health programs. Mental health exams should be free to anyone, man, woman or child, who struggles with mental or emotional disturbances. No one should be denied for lack of payment options or health insurance. For It is when one person is ignored or turned away that many are turned against.

Together We can make a difference. Let us stand together as we work toward a common goal. No longer will we watch from the sidelines. We Have reached a breaking point and we demand action. If you wish to be the change that we so desperately need, then Please sign below. If you are interested in providing more sufficient mental health programs for the mentally ill, frequent mental health evaluations for children through our educational systems, and safer common sense gun laws, then please help us take action. Please Sign and share. Thank you.