Better Internet Access! Pass Open Access in Data Transmission Bill. #futureproofPH

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Every day, we rant about the concerns of our internet access. We need it for work. We need it for communication. We need it like food and water.

  • "The internet is slow."
  • "Can't access the internet."
  • "Mobile data is not working."

And yet, we, the Filipino people - we can't do anything about it. Can we?

Now, we have a way to help - Get our legislators to Pass the Open Access in Data Transmission Bill.

What is the Open Access in Data Transmission Bill? Full briefer to the OADT here

The proposed Open Access in Data Transmission Act is critical to establishing a forward-looking and future-ready digital policy framework for the Philippines.

It can help bring the country’s data transmission industry to the Digital Age by adopting the basic principles of how the Internet works: in a decentralized and distributed manner.

Simply put, the bill aims to create the space that will allow and empower as many different service providers as possible to build and operate data networks and give more choices to broadband users anywhere in the country, especially in the countryside.

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Let us ask our legislators to pass this bill and give the Filipino people better internet access! #futureproofPH by passing this bill!