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Alabama mental faculties and programs are needing better funding!

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I have started this petition based on my experiences. I know there are others out there know exactly why I am asking for better funding for Alabama mental faculties and programs. 

yes I'm supposed to be on medication but I currently am not. You wanna know why... ? Well I can't get insurance and Alabama has such a low funding for mental health that we have have to decided if all our money goes to keep our doctor appt and meds or try to go with out. There is a lack of education being taught to patients as well as family's on how to cope with illnesses. 

So here I am just one person crying out for help.. who will help. You might know someone who has a illness and has to choose rent and food or being stable. So I am try to get more funding so people can maybe live a some what normal life, that includes education for patients and family to deal with mentally ill loved ones. Cheaper doctors and therpy apointments and affordable medication for no insurancered *most of us can't work* 

I do know this is plausible to achieve. Before having to use Alabama facilities I was being seen in GA. They did a sliding scale fee with everything. My doctor and the therapy was free. They had a pharmacy on site. Four of my medications were six dollars a peice and my other one was free through a program they had fount. I could afford that but in Alabama it's a different story. Everytime I was seeing in office it cost me twenty five dollars up front. I seen them five times still never got prescribed medication. They said I had to figure out how I can afford my medications since they are so expensive. 

So I hope you have seen my delemia as well as a few other people who needs medication but can't afford it. 

Thank you

*not living one day at a time but one min at a time* 

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