Better and More Bearable Public Transportation

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This petition is global. There can be people too brain dead to fire those or reprimand those who need it whether they are drivers or dispatches in the company. Drivers who so much mess up or pass up customers need to be reprimanded or fired. It appears most bus companies do that. Movies is something that should be like a must earn priveledge just like driving and this petition doesn't fit under human rights. Part of this petition is to get unfair rules repealed on public transportation systems. With bad service on public transportation systems buses could become un reliable to people. That's the importance of signing this petition.


They could try to always be on time. People could stop relying because of too much being late or not showing up at all. There are things to do at home or be on time for appointments or work. This could happen to people we know as they could not rely on public buses. Any of you who view this petition could share with people to know as long as they aren't working for public transportation systems and invite them to sign it. 


This petition is a matter of being fair to other people. 


This can't much affect Netflix but people should all be fair to one another. Those rules aren't fair like if people are stuck on a bus no matter what into movies. They can't always have spare buses like if the buses break down or a late schedule because of the snow or not everyone able to be sent home early in the snow. 


That could cause more complaining. Especially with socializing with other people or finding significant others by getting to places. Not everyone into movies believes in online dating. 


This would be ridiculous and not fair to not get to see a movie because of the bus. People hate taking buses in the snow. 


There are people with portable DVD players on trains and planes. People years ago couldn't watch their own movies on planes like when had VHS. 


There are now portable DVD players and it's not that people who don't have the consideration on the movies shouldn't than be allowed to run the bus systems. 


This petition so people can be fair to one another like as long as people on buses use headphones and don't turn up the movies too loud. Even on i pods. The main target would be Easton Coach bus company who runs the Link of Hunterdon County since the fall of 2005. This could be for anyone running bus systems. Maybe people running them as long as people use headphones and don't turn up i pods or DVD players too loud.


People having to watch the movies at home could lose the time too see them as they could lose their time at home. That's not chasing people off buses but this petition should be signed so people are being fair to one another. There haven't been people chased off buses but could make movie fans not want to take a bus home from work or other places.


There are headphones and we don't turn the movies up too loud. Put Entertainment on public transportation. 


People don't always have a choice to be on buses whether they don't want to drive or really can't drive. Other jobs like being in a busy lifestyle or being a bus driver is a choice. 


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