Bettendorf Parents & Community - Support In-Person K-6 Return to Learn

Bettendorf Parents & Community - Support In-Person K-6 Return to Learn

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Bettendorf School District Board of Directors

Why this petition matters

Started by Carrie Fuhr

We, the parents and community members of Bettendorf Elementary age students, are requesting the school board to approve returning elementary school students in the Bettendorf school district back to 100% in-person learning as soon as possible.

Elementary school students are some of the lowest at risk for covid, but the highest at risk for missing critical social, developmental and educational skills at this young age.

We support getting the youngest and most at-risk students back to school faster than higher grade levels, where students can function more independently. We feel our Elementary teachers support this and can teach the children safely while limiting their own health risks.

Please support the graduated approach of beginning with K-1 Return to 100% in-person at a minimum, or full K-6 return to learn 100% (and/or a graduated approach). Numbers can be monitored and can return to the Hybrid model if safety becomes an issue with positivity spikes, but numbers have shown the positive cases and quarantines are mostly in the higher-grade levels. 

As parents and community members, we understand this is a collaborative effort and that teachers' health and safety is second only to that of our children's. We support practicing safe and socially responsible activities with our children and families outside of the classroom to help enable our children to return to 100% in person learning. 

Thank you for your support, consideration and all you do for the children, teachers and school staff in our Bettendorf district.

415 have signed. Let’s get to 500!