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Teach morality and empathy in the classroom.

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Bullying not only happens on the playground. it happens after graduation, in the workplace and on the street. Our youth have mind's like a sponge. They absorb the behaviors of their parents, their teachers, their peers, TV programs, and the list goes on. So when your child/children, your niece or nephew, your friends children, etc enter the classroom, wouldn't you have some comfort knowing that they are not only being taught arithmetic and about the solar system, but that they are also being taught how to treat other's with kindness and empathy, that bullying someone is very wrong, and how much it can deeply hurt someone and the affects of the bullying can follow them into adulthood and not only affect them but it can affect their relationships, their outlook on life, decision making, etc. It's important our youth learns about history, math, science and the rest of the subject's being taught. But some of the most important things these children need to learn are not being extensively taught in the classroom. We need this petition to be a success for the overall wellness of our children in their youth and for their overall wellness when they reach adulthood. Every classroom worldwide should have morality and empathy taught. If this petition fails then it's very likely that the suicide rate will continue growing, self esteem will continue to falter among many, and going to school will continue being dreaded by the children who are bullied. If this petition is a success the possibilities could be endless for many. The child who had no self confidence to join the soccer team or as an adult didn't volunteer for the soup kitchen because of the cruelty they suffered in school. That could all be turned around if these children are taught how to respect everyone even if they don't look the same as them, have a different religious belief, etc. This hits home for me. When I hear stories about another child committing suicide, or that child's spirit was broken and didn't have the confidence to join the team and isolated themselves because of it. I was that child who was bullied and missed out on many fun and enriching experiences. We need this to change. By signing this petition and sharing for other's to sign and support, just imagine the difference it will make.Not only will many individual lives be positively affected, but the lives of everyone they come in contact with. Do this for the children, the future leader's. Thank you for all of your support�

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