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Require teaching consent and contraception in U.S. Sex Ed curriculum

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We live in a time where rape culture is a norm, talked about in songs, movies, and more. It is not taken as seriously as it should be. One in six women are victims of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime. Also, young teenage women, ages 16 to 19, are four times more likely to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.1 If consent were to be taught in school, all young people would know from a young age that “no means no” and not to succumb to pressure. In California, a law was passed to make learning about sexual consent mandatory in high school. I believe that this law should be passed for all the states in the U.S.

Abstinence-only education in schools around the U.S. has proven unhelpful in reducing pregnancy rates among teenagers. Studies show that between abstinence-only programs and comprehensive sex education, comprehensive sex education has a 50% lower risk of teen pregnancy. By educating children even from a younger age about contraception, it can lead to the decrease in teen pregnancy.

I know two people my age that are teenage moms. Though I support any choice people want to make once they are pregnant, I see how hard it is for them. One has dropped out of school and the other is having a difficult time taking care of a child and managing to get her GED. Studies have shown that with the improvement in sex education, fewer young people would have to struggle with these hard choices.

Please join me in asking Betsy DeVos to make Sex Education include contraception and consent in all U.S. high schools.


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