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Equitable funding for the success of every student in the USA

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Public schools in the United States have faced a conflict of equal funding for a while. This is already threatening the children’s future since some public schools are missing the means of ensuring a quality education to their students.

A lack of clear and well-defined regulations of allocated funds to public schools has resulted in:

  • A lack of enough resources for the implementation of public schools.
  • Increased conflict among traditional public schools and charter schools.
  • Increased discrepancies between poor and rich schools.
  • Increased drop out rate.
  • A decrease in the number of educated and literate people.

Because every student in the USA doesn't benefit from the same educational quality experience under a legislative government, we are asking Ms. Betsy Devos, our Secretary of Education to help us voice our aspirations. We think that the following aspects are essential for an equitable funding system:

  • To ensure that the funds are evenly and equally distributed among districts.
  • To settle laws governing the enrollment systems of charter schools in order to make them more inclusive.
  • To encourage students to frequent traditional institutions by promoting extracurricular activities (pre-kindergarten program, summer school).
  • Targeting the funds in the areas where they are the most needed, especially in underserved communities.
  • To promote means that enable students with disabilities and English learners to perform well.

We ask our government leaders to get more involved in fair public school funding as an investment in the future generation.

What to do next:

Send this petition to your legislators. Tell them how concerned you feel about fair public school funding.

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Turner, Cory. “Why American's Schools Have a Money Problem?” National Public Radio, 18 Apr. 2016,

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