STOP risking higher suicide rates in mental health service users!

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The reason I have created this petition is to hopefully raise awareness to the health board that there are NOT enough fundings put forward to help those who are suffering with mental health illnesses! I am aware this is a major problem throughout Britain but it risks lives every day. I personally have just finished a Year’s course of DBT therapy for emotionally unstable personality disorder, I also suffer with OCD and anxiety. I have spoken to my psychologist on a number of occasions explaining how 3 rounds of DBT rather than 2 would definitely be more beneficial to service users but due to funding this isn’t an option! Myself and a few others who have also finished the DBT group are now struggling even more so as we did not feel ready enough to leave and this has already had major complications and impacts on our daily life. It is undoubtably going to make our mental health deteriorate after us working extremely hard over the course of this therapy group to improve our mental wellbeing. The government and welsh health board SHOULD realise that mental illnesses are just as important as any other diagnosed illness and more funding needs to be put in place to STOP service users going through the same mental pain we have to endur do to funding! It is easy to blame our care workers, psychologists, psychiatrists etc but those who are to blame don’t even work with people like ourselves and maybe if they did, they’d actually understand that things need to change and fast!