Against Arming Teachers

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According to TIME, there have been approximately 17 school mass shootings that have been happening all over the United States since the start of 2018. Recently, President Donald Trump announced that he supports the idea of arming teachers in school campuses. Several students, teachers, and working citizens have been protesting for months against gun violence, and this statement upheaves the protestors about gun control and reform in gun laws. Arming teachers can have major negative consequences to the educational environment. There have been multiple reports about teachers accidentally firing their guns in classrooms or if not teachers, then students might take these weapons and use it against each other. This bill might not even help secure a school, but make it more vulnerable to danger from inside its own walls. By signing this petition, we can make our families, friends, and schools safer. Help support against arming teachers. Help support the change of our gun laws. Help change the world. 

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