Women make the future brighter

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According to the Constitution of India, granting women the right of equality to work,live,study just like men has been given years ago. Whereas our society fails to make this country non-discriminating but biased towards the male gender. Great personalities like Anandibai Joshi,Shila Dawre, Arunima Sinha, Mithali Raj and Geeta phogat continue to inspire us and prove that women are equally powerful by working in a '"male dominated' profession. Women are not the managers for house holding and child rearing, it is just another tradition society has made. It certainly does take strength to hold a family together and the women of our nation do it everyday. Working women constantly battle against horizontal segregation, the separation of women and men into gender specific jobs. Many women have been denied jobs at the top of their profession only because of the fact they are females. 84% women drop out after graduation and are married at a young age. Till date there are families refusing to accept a girl birth because according to society's view women are not authoritative and capable to help raise the family or be independent. We the people of this country live safely because of firefighters who gave up their life for this generation to have a better tomorrow. In immense grief and sorrow I feel we have let them down by not accepting women  as an equal part of the country.  People of India used to say this country as “Bharat-Mata” however never realized the true meaning of it. Bharat-Mata means a mother of every Indian whom we have to save and care always.I believe every women is competent enough to work for themselves and shall be given the opportunities they deserve. Women constitute half power of the country so in order to make this country a fully powerful country, women empowerment is very necessary, for this country to grow.