Procedure for removal of village marshal

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737.171 Procedure for removal of village marshal.

If the mayor or citizens of a village have reason to believe that a duly appointed marshal of the village has been guilty of dishonesty, immoral conduct, insubordination or discourteous treatment of the public in the performance of the marshal's official duty, the mayor shall file with the legislative authority of the village written charges and immediately shall serve a true copy of the charges upon the person against whom they are made.

After last week's village council meeting and hearing the concerns, you like myself must be asking "what more can we do to ensure proper action is initiated?"

Please view the provided links and if you share in our mission to demand council take corrective measures then please sign this petition calling for removal of Chief Eric Smith. 

While we are grateful for any support, we would appreciate those in the Bethesda, Belmont and Morristown areas that are directly affected to get involved.

We would like to encourage everyone to attend the next village council meeting on March 22nd to make your voice heard, there is strength in numbers.




Provided below are links to the news coverage of Bethesda's village council meeting February 22nd, 2018.