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Wolfenstein: The New Colossus dialogues language

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Dear Bethesda and MachineGames. The New Colossus is a great, awesome and coolest game in 2017. I've preordered game for my PS4 and when it was released I was happy. I'm from Russia and all dialogues at your game are Russian, thanks. But they are awful. Quote from your community forum: "Actors are bad, they don't know, and don't understand what they a talking about. There is a bug with missing voices in cutscenes. Listen to russian BJ is terrible. Only germans speak in german, and i want that all nations talk to their own languages.".

Here is comments from @Bethesda_RU Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bethesda_RU/status/923864639582146565

Here is my tweet, ignored by your main and official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/xxxTy3uKxxx/status/923960328085532672

Here is topic on your official community forum: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/120798/the-option-to-change-dialogues-language/2

So, what wants all Wolf owners from Russia? Release an update with the ability to select a language. We wants to combine native english and german voices with Russian subtitles. Again, the game is awesome, but Russian localization breaks the whole impression.


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